Mayor aba statement on the occasion abarkooh of \" Jerusalem Day \"

\" Jerusalem Day \" day of Islam. Imam Khomeini (stressed The days once again become a shadow of arrogance and domination, on a number of people to retake the Islamic call and True Underdog Story of men and women and children, the oppressed Palestine tent humanity and justice in the earthquake. demonstrate that there is no time to listen to the blood thirsty and leaderships of oppression and global colonialism. The tragic events and inhuman community in the conscience of humanity has hurt, according to the historical خوبیها Imam Khomeini, Great (stressed), \" Jerusalem Day \" in the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan has come to the world with justice and oppression of his genocide to take earthquake and the spirit of hope and the front in jihadists unequal alive. Why should the handful of their fists, the full mouth of the Nakba Zionism and its supporters and sign a message مظلومین rescue and to the world and the world that the Palestinian people are not only with مستکبران brigade, which was the scene of the oppressed people of Gaza at the injustice and foreign interference. However, believed that the revival of a free and all the world, especially the Islamic nations and should be with the establishment of this holy day, obstructing and خباثت مستکبران on the role of the water and all-out alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood uprising against the real enemy. We also condemned the brutal crimes and inhuman Zionist usurper and fake regime of all citizens and the authorities are invited to synchronize with great nation وغیور Islamic Iran and magnificent march in Jerusalem Day, the international Zionist colonialism and the encouragement and all the liberals scholar and the heralds of the right and the truth about the innocent people of Gaza. Hussein حاتمی- ابرکوه mayor

Gonbad-e Ali

Le Gunbad-i Ali construit en 1056 (8,90 m de large), est une tour funéraire octogonale en moellons et non en briques comme le voudrait la tradition iranienne, dont la beauté relève surtout de la sobriété et du dépouillement. Sa vigoureuse corniche sommitale à trois rangs de muqarnas, le plus ancien exemple connu d’une corniche extérieure à stalactites ou nids d’abeille, devait supporter une toiture conique ou pyramidale aujourd’hui disparue et qui couvrait le dôme.

Sous les muqarnas se trouve un groupe d'inscriptions coufiques (arabe) nommant le constructeur ainsi que la personne à qui le monument est dédié. L'entrée est flanquée de deux colonnes, dont seules les cavités demeurent ; quatre ouvertures dans la coupole et une fenêtre sur le côté de la chambre permettent d'éclairer l'intérieur de la tour.

À la différence des tombes de Maragha / Maraqeh / مراغه, ce tombeau n'a pas de crypte.


Abarkooh city

Abarkooh is one of the ancient Iranian cities located about 140 kilometer (87 miles) to the west of the city of Yazd and bordering the province of Fars. Abarkooh has been one of the famous towns in the ancient are as it was situated on the path of the world renown Silk Road. The population in the 2008 estimate is about 45000 People who live in the 5712 square kilometer area of Abarkooh

Abarkooh is divided into two districts: centeral district and Bahman district. The important villages of Abarkooh are: Tirjerd, FarAgheh, TirAbAd and EsfandAbAd.

Old cypress Abarkuh

 The world ‘s oldest cypress more than 4,500 years old , is located in the city of Yazd province Abarkuh . Abarkuh or Abarghou city of Yazd is located almost in the middle of the pool . Abarkuh old cypress with 25 meters 18 meters and 5.11 meters in circumference of the trunk at the heart of Iran is alive and green and quiet lives in Iran remains one of the old cypress trees rests . In ancient Persia, the importance of planting trees is very different classes of society . The paintings and artefacts such as carvings Achaemenid Persepolis , the symbol of the tree and, in particular , has been served .

In Zoroastrian culture the Cedar trees are evergreen because it is always important to have in the old cedar and cypress Zarathustra Abarkuh as it is called , is considered a symbol of the same . Apart from painting and sculpture as well as in textile plants, trees and the curved handles which later culture called cashmere can be seen . Cedar Abarkuh other Iranian art to be seen. Miniature old tree is the best opportunity to detect this unique form of art is a manifestation of this land . Abarghou serving the Iranian desert green pearl in the world as a symbol of life and beauty , is introduced.

China Daily in a special report introduces ten of the most ancient trees in the world, said pine tree after tree Abarkuh Msvslah the second 4800 years old tree in the world.
Mostofi Hamdullah Alqlvb Nuzhat book written about the year 740 AH Abarkuh writes: ” There is a survey that has a great reputation in the world .”
Alexandrov Russian scientist , more than 4000 years old cypress knows. Zoroastrian legends ascribe it to some planting and some Japheth ( son of Noah ).
Memories of Marco Polo ‘s trip to Iran, he writes: ” One of the few surveys that I have seen in a good deal of Abrkvhast like green cascading falls from the sky onto the ground , and stressed that the parties entered Abarkuh Abarkuh old cypress stand like a beacon and vibrant greens We greet the rising sun of the desert and the sea port »

With the liberalization measures such as pesticide and Privacy historic cypress Year of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Yazd took . Served as one of the attractions Grshgry Abarkuh old cold province and city Abarkuh known.
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